Botanical Pressing Workshop




Take a break from your busy life and spend the afternoon being creative and being crafty with me at my Botanical Pressing Workshop on Sunday, June 18, 2023!




Botanical pressing is such a lovely way to preserve the beauty of nature. It's a calming and relaxing activity that promotes mindfulness and reduces stress.

The process of pressing is gentle and patient and helps to calm the mind and promote a sense of peace, and the result is a beautiful, tangible reminder of our creativity!



How to press botanicals and turn them into beautiful decor and craft pieces

How to change elements of them seasonally so you can enjoy them all year round.

How to use them in your home and as gifts!


I seriously share EVERYTHING I KNOW about botanicals pressing and creating something beautiful with your hands!

Sunday June 18, 2023

virtual interior design services

Join me in person at my studio and you'll get:

-  All the materials and resources you need

-  Expert guidance

-  Refreshments and Treats

- Relaxing afternoon at the beautiful Carrington House

Renovate is this for you

-  If you want something to do with your hands that’s not on a phone

-  If you have been wanting to explore your creativity

-  If you are looking to be more self sufficient

-  If you want to try something new


-  If you want to get back into craft after some time away

-  If you want to create one of the most beautiful decorating trends yourself

-   If you want guidance from a world renowned stylist and decorator


carrington house


Sunday June 18, 2023

Get your girlfriends together for a relaxing afternoon, with drinks, treats and the step by step on how to press your own botanicals along with decorating and gift-giving tips!

You’ll love it, even if you’re not naturally crafty!

This workshop makes it easy for you to create a beautiful decorative accent piece that will add style, texture and shape to your space, and I’ll walk you through it personally so you leave with a beautiful handmade craft piece you love.

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