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Bought For $370 000, Sold For $466 568 with Over $40 000 PROFIT!

Jarrod renovated this property to create wealth, and his results speak for themselves!

He bought this property for $370 000.

In just six weeks, without spending each day on the worksite, not even lifting a hammer once, Jarrod sold this property for $466 568!

Just knowing what to do and who to call, Jarrod made a complete profit of $40 981!



jarrod front before
jarrod front after

To transform this ugly duckling into a clean, fresh home, with street appeal, Jarrod simply:

Painted the house exterior and sprayed the fence

Created an entrance by removing the box features, palms and front fence, and added a garden bed

Cleaned up the driveway, and tiled in the porch

Added an awning 

jarrod kitchen before
jarrod kitchen after

What a makeover! To add value to this kitchen, Jarrod applied a clever layout and design - notice that he made no changes to the services or the window. He simply:

Added a fresh lick of paint (especially over the timber) 

Fitted window furnishing as the window and view from window was not an asset to the space

Ripped out the cork and added a floating floor 

Moved the dining space out of the kitchen, and into a previously unused space