Bought For $320 000, Sold For $421 000 with Over $38 000 PROFIT!

This was Julie's first reno since becoming a Rapid Renovation Formula student and the results speak for themselves!
Not only did Julie achieve a profit of over $38 000 in just TWELVE WEEKS... But she also increased the property value by over 30% and produced a record for the street, $19 000 more than the last record sale!
Julie and her partner did most of the work themselves, including all of that painting! After only FIVE DAYS on the market they were under contract.
Julie learnt so much over this journey and is excited to find her next project.



CRD Before Kitchen
CRD After Kitchen
CRD Before Living Room
CRD After - Living room
CRD Before Main Bedroom
CRD After Main Bedroom
CRD Before Deck
CRD Before Front Exterior
CRD After Deck
CRD After Front Exterior