Jolie Toolkit

Take your projects to the next level with the Jolie Toolkit. This product assortment includes our favorite brushes and tools to make it easier than ever to update furniture, cabinets and home accessories.

The TOOLKIT includes:

  • 1 x Small Jolie Signature Brush
  • 1 x Large Jolie Flat Brush
  • 1 x Regular Jolie Wax Brush
  • 1 x Set of Jolie Artist Brushes
  • 1 x Set of Jolie Sanding Pads
  • 1 x Jolie Paint Color Card


Jolie Signature Brush: Italian-made paint brush with an ergonomic handle, a rust-resistant ferrule, and a combination of natural and synthetic bristles to ensure superior paint coverage and durability. Use the Signature Brush to paint any finish or create texture. View all brushes.

Jolie Flat Brush: Italian-made synthetic bristle paint brush with a comfortable, ergonomic handle and a rust-resistant ferrule. View all brushes.

Jolie Wax Brush: Used to apply Jolie Finishing Wax to your surfaces that have been painted with Jolie Paint or to raw wood. View all brushes.

Jolie Artist Brushes: Small paint brushes that are perfect for precise strokes and small details. Available in a set of four (4) with a zippered case. View all brushes.

Jolie Sanding Pads: Set of four (4) Sanding Pads that are perfect for smoothing out or distressing surfaces painted with Jolie Paint. Designed to be flexible, durable, and reusable. View more details.

Jolie Paint Color Card: The perfect tool to select colors for your next project. Features paint chips with all 42 pre-tinted colors.

Jolie Kits make the perfect gifts for yourself or a loved one. Shop additional Jolie Kits to save 10% on product bundles.