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Australia’s Rapid Renovation Expert, Naomi Findlay, is an internationally renowned renovator, award-winning property stylist, adult educator and Interior Designer.

A resident expert on and a featured property expert on Australia's largest interiors blog plus expert on one of the country's leading Reno sites alongside reality TV personality Baz Dubois (The Living Room), Naomi is a widely recognised contributing author and guest expert in various print and digital media outlets.

Naomi Findlay has been a part of more than 110 renovation projects and currently works with over 200 home owners each year to create beautiful, healthy and wealthy spaces using her Rapid Renovation Formula™ to maximise the value of their properties for sale or rent.


" Renovating to create profit,creates both lifestyle and financial wealth.  With wealth comes choice and freedom."


The Rapid Renovation Formula  is a unique training and education system. It has been developed over 110 successful renovation projects. Over the course of these renovations I have optimised a proven step by step formula for maximising your profit when renovating property, and I have combined this with an unrivalled suite of templates and tools to create the Rapid Renovation Formula TM.

When it comes to renovating property for wealth a 'one size fits all' approach is not a viable strategy in Australia. In fact, every renovator will have slightly different needs, skills and resources, and will be working in a slightly different markets across the country.  The Rapid Renovation Formula can be used across multiple locations, varying property price points and by hands on or hands off renovators.

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Want to learn more about the four foundations of a solid renovating business and the seven steps to making money from property renovation? Find out more here.

What’s So Special About The Rapid Renovation Formula™?

6 top money-making interior design colour schemes

The Rapid Renovation Formula™ includes Naomi’s 6 top money-making interior design colour schemes and fixtures & fittings template – a complete formula to apply to any property you may have or acquire - to ensure the highest sale price (or valuation) on sale day (top Interior Designers like Naomi can charge $4,000 to do just one of these). Do not risk out-dated colour schemes in today’s rapidly changing market.

Space Medicine Technology

This is completely unique to Naomi’s program (I had never heard of this before until I met her)! Drawing on her specialized PhD medical science training, Naomi has truly turned making money renovating into a scientific formula. This little-known concept is so powerful in arousing an almost insatiable subconscious desire and connection to a property from potential buyers or renters, that they’ll have no idea why they want to pay more.

'Sweet Spot' Continuum template

To ensure you optimize the right amount of work to be completed on every renovation for maximum return. Never again overspend, or underspend on a… project, hit the sweet spot every time.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to renovating and using custom built pricing and planning tools you can make sure that your hitting that sweet spot.


As part of the RRF™ you get to attend a rapid start experience at the two day boutique bootcamp, when I say experience, you will be going in depth into each area of how you will be doing profitable renovations.
This is an extremely valuable two days of live learning, jam packed with insider secrets and unknown strategies to maximising your profit when renovating property.

What people are saying......


Want to learn more about the four foundations of a solid renovating business and the seven elements to making money from property renovation? Find out more here.

What people are saying......

Nick Kendros

Thank you Naomi for providing such a reliable and professional service. You knew exactly what current market trends are. Your work delivered 100% results in the least amount of time.  The value of your advice to maximise profit on new or existing properties is incomparable.

Lisa Mills

I recommend Naomi to all of my friends and colleagues when they are either looking to renovate or sell to maximise their return on investment. Naomi has a passion for design that is infectious and it made me feel excited about our renovation for sale as opposed to overwhelmed! Love your work Naomi!

Jarrod Cooper

I loved working with Naomi, her service is amazing, professional and inspiring. Her communication and organisational skills are second to none and big results to boot!


Want to learn more about the three foundations of a solid renovating business and the seven elements to making money from property renovation? Find out more here.