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The best renovations happen when you know how to manage your process and your project, from start to finish. If you don’t, you risk your reno going off the rails with overspending, wasted time, project disruptions, and worst of all...disappointment in your results!

But you can easily stay in control of your time, your budget, and the success of your entire reno project with time-tested, step-by-step guidance provided in my Room by Room Reno “Take Action” Course.  


Get the complete educational course now for just:


This brilliantly comprehensive Room by Room Reno “Take Action” Course takes everything you love about design, styling, and renovation and shows you how to put it into action with live training videos, detailed guides, step-by-step presentations, and helpful checklists for all of the following: 

  • Finding Your Team: Compiling your dream team is one of THE most important elements for a timely and successful renovation (includes team building checklist!)  
  • Costing Your Renovation: Don’t be surprised by unplanned cost - learn how to determine your project’s true cost, including your direct reno costs, “other” costs, and your buffer (includes trade pricing guide!)  
  • Paint (What you can DO!): Learn which paint is the right paint for each job and get insider secrets for money-saving paint solutions (includes list of what products to use where!)  
  • Preparing & Managing Your Worksite: Guidance for prepping your worksite to save time, money, and maintain safety (includes stylish dividers for better project organization!)  
  • Running Your Project: Sequencing is an integral part of keeping a renovation on time and on budget - this course gives you everything you need to do just that (includes outsourcing and project reflection worksheets!)  
  • Space Medicine: Learn this vital practice that creates picture-perfect spaces that nurture, feed, and support our minds, bodies, and souls (includes inspirational gallery!)  
  • Style to Sell: Learn how to add even more value to your home with proven design principles and room by room styling (includes styling checklist!)  

Purchasing this course now can save you over $10,000 in renovation costs and errors!  

Walk away understanding every element of your reno project.

I created this course based on several years of practical, hands-on experience renovating hundreds of homes for profit (and for fun). While I do have a course specific for those who want to flip houses and renovate for profit (learn about my Rapid Reno Formula here), THIS course is perfect for those who want to successfully renovate their own home while saving money and time. Graduating from this course won’t just give you the knowledge and tools you need to successfully renovate room by room, it will give you the clarity and deeper understanding required to envision and organize your project through new eyes — the eyes of a Renovating Pro.  

  • How to outline the core group of professionals you’ll need on your Reno Team  
  • What questions to ask trade professionals to determine if they have what it takes  
  • Tips for keeping your chosen team covered, happy, and productive  
  • How to determine your entire renovation cost, plus how and where you can save the most money  
  • What paint is best used where, along with simple, money-saving painting solutions for any issue  
  • How to control core aspects of your project to maximize your renovation, stay super organized, and save money  
  • How to reflect on and problem-solve different aspects of the project and make improvements moving forward  
  • Learn the science behind those Instagram-perfect home spaces with Space Medicine  
  • How to use sound design principles to underpin your work and make every element count  

“I'm lost for words at how amazing this is. I've done a few renovations and have some some education in it, but this just takes it to the next level. It is amazing, interactive, and exciting. Naomi just delivers amazingly but also gets the very best out the students. I just feel like I've grown so much and I can't wait to hit the ground running and take my renovating to the next level.”


Naomi Findlay has a real talent for helping people make more money when selling their homes. Of course, she is a clever stylist, but much more than that, she is commercially savvy and has an unrivalled understanding of the entire house selling process.