Rapid Renovation Formula
RRF Closed Training


To maximize your profit when renovating property so every property you renovate will become a success

That in Australia, having a 'one size fits all' approach to renovating property for profit is not possible and will result in money loss

How to minimize your risk when renovating by understanding what properties you should be renovating and what ones you shouldn't be spending your money on

How to have guaranteed success in making money from property regardless of what the real estate market looks like

How to know what space needs to be renovated and what space can be left so you can get the most out of your renovation

How to identify problem areas in a property so you can renovate these areas to avoid the space becoming a problem area for potential buyers

Rapid Renovation Formula
Rapid Renovation Formula
Rapid Renovation Formula
Styling by Naomi Findlay
Rapid Renovation Formula
RRF Closed Training
Core Resource

The Core Resource

This contains the core content of the Rapid Renovation Formula, all the theory and principles to build a strong renovating business from scratch

Rapid Renovation Formula

The Floor Planning  & Space Medicine System 

Step by step guide for optimising your renovation plan to incorporate the core Space Medicine and oor planning principles. Exclusive to the Rapid Renovation Formula!

RRF Styling to Sell

Styling to Sell System

A one stop resource that shows you how to furnish your property for sale, including floor plans, checklists and how to's. Giving you the best chance of maximising your sale price on auction day.


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Six-Weeks Live Training

6-Week NEW and RBR Renovate for Life Training Program starting June 5th 2019 with Naomi Findlay including training videos and audios.

RRF Finishes Formula

Finishes Formula Framework

When populated this framework becomes a game changing tool, that ensures that projects hit their target with their finishes and fixtures, with consistency. Including two color schemes and three levels of finishes.

RRF Software

Rapid Renovation Software

A suite of software to help you power through your project, from budget calculators and tools, to product selection and budgeting tools. All specifically developed to streamline the renovation planning process for RRF students.

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Tools of the Trade I

Discover your area and develop the strategy that allow you to become a profitable renovator. These highly interactive tools contain the techniques and processed you need to uncover and define the right suburbs and areas to be able to reach your maximum profits.

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Tools of the Trade II

Becoming the specialist.  These tools are all about you knowing exactly what a property is worth renovated and un-renovated, about having all the data for your patch at your finger tips, so you can act quickly, accurately and profitably when you find a project.

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Tools of the Trade III

All the Systems, tools and templates  you will need to run your renovating for wealth business. Contained in three volumes, available online and in hard copy.

Rapid Renovation Formula

Staying Organised System

DIY strategy to stay organised with on and offline elements saving you time and money on the job.

Icon - Reno Mate

Real Time Renovation Mate 

The perfect “mate” to have with you when you are renovating, literally a start to nish step by step guide of what you need to do, when you need to do it and what tools and resources from the RRF to use at each step of the project.



RRF™ Live Learning Experience Video Library

Exclusive access to the complete RRF Rapid Learning Experience Boutique Bootcamp video library for you to use as a reference guide.

RRF Closed Training

Pop-Up Facebook Group

Popup RRF  Facebook Group hosted by Naomi for connection, renovation and strategy feedback and a good dose of motivation.

RRF Closed Training
RRF Closed Training
Naomi Findlay Rapid Renovation
Copy of What is Room by Room Renos_ (7)

Naomi is a resident expert on RealEstate.com, InteriorsAddict.com and RenoAddict.com

Naomi has renovated more than 117 properties

Naomi has established the International Institute of Home Staging, the only home staging education program in Australia

For the third year in a row, Naomi has run the largest home staging conference in the southern hemisphere

In 2015, Naomi was voted one of the top 5 home stagers in the world

Naomi has received numerous teaching awards from the University of Newcastle and the Australian College of Education

Naomi founded Silk Home Staging and Styling, a home staging company in Newcastle, NSW, that stage over 250 properties a year



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  • Learn from Australia's rapid renovation expert Naomi Findlay

Rapid Renovation Formula™

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  • Learn to renovate for wealth
  • Identify and minimise risk during your renovation
  • Learn from Australia's rapid renovation expert Naomi Findlay

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