Renovate with Naomi Findlay
Renovate with Naomi Findlay

The Renovate with Naomi Findlay Course will be available in 2020!

Do you want to renovate your own home with practical resources to ensure you save money and nail your home design?

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Renovate with Naomi Findlay

Renovate with Naomi Findlay is the online renovation course that teaches you how to renovate with the techniques used by renovation royalty Naomi Findlay.

Based on Naomi's experience renovating over 117 properties, students will graduate with the tools to renovate room by room. Don't overspend or make the same mistakes other rookie renovators make in their reno projects -  learn from Australia's leading renovation expert to create your dream home today!

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How to create your renovation vision

How to work out your complete renovation budget

What my budget template looks like

Who should be on your reno team

How to get the most out of your tradies

What to do if things go wrong

How to decorate and incorporate space medicine into your house

How to style lounge rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more

How to renovate the exterior and interior of your house

How to work with colour

What is your style, and how to incorporate it into your house

How to save money on your renovation

How to renovate your kitchen and bathroom

How to keep your renovation on track

How to find your dream team

How to create the floor plan of your dreams

AND so much more! I seriously share everything I know about renovating, styling and designing!


" Since Naomi's advice we have had nothing but positive feedback from every client that walks in the door. Staff productivity and positivity is at an all time high and we have even been inspired to employ more wellbeing practices like yoga to build on such an incredible shift. "

Tammy Guest

" I hadn't realised what a different set styling would make until I saw the finished product of my photos and videos. Having Naomi style my sets was an upgraded experience in every way. Naomi totally nailed the brief and I'm beyond happy with the results. "

Denise Duffield-Thomas


" As a work at home mum, I've seen a huge difference in my productivity, business results and sense of wellbeing thanks to Space Medicine. It's amazing how smoothly everything runs now that I truly enjoy the space I live and work in - even with young children home with me! "

Marissa Roberts


14 Modules - to help you get started and then take action! These 14 modules include; renovation planning, floor plans, bathrooms, kitchens, internal spaces, external spaces, space medicine, costing a project, running a project, styling to sell, finding your team, paint and what you can do, preparing and managing your worksite, and finding your style. 

National Trade Discount Card - Naomi has handpicked a collection of her favourite national suppliers to provide her Room By Room Renos students with substantial discounts to minimise your renovating expenses! Take advantage of your special offers and never pay the recommended retail again!

Live Learning Experience Video and Audio Library - exclusive access to Naomi Findlay's Boutique Bootcamp video and audio library for you to use as a reference guide.

Real-Time Renovation Mate - the perfect “mate” to have with you when you are renovating, literally a start to finish step by step guide of what you need to do, and when you need to do it. 

Staying Organised System - DIY strategy to stay organised, saving you time and money on the job!

BONUS [FREE] - Pop-Up Facebook Group! You'll have personal support from Naomi and our team for your own renovation via the Facebook community.

BONUS [FREE] - 3 monthly online training sessions with Naomi to perfect your reno, valued at over $2,500!!! 

PLUS so much more!


Check out some of the valuable content covered in the course!


Do you want to renovate or update your own home?

Do you want to nail your home design and style?

Do you want to save money on your home project?

Do you love renovation and interiors?

This is FOR YOU! We'll show you all this and more!

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Renovate with Naomi Findlay

Be the first to know when you can enrol in the Renovate with Naomi Findlay Course!

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