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How to Profit from Renovating

My new video mini course is designed to help you learn these strategies in a super quick and easy way so you don't waste any time starting your own renovation journey.

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Learn how create beautiful spaces with my fun and engaging workshops. Limited spaces available!

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Discover How To Get Started In Renovation With My New Book

It is jam-packed full of highly valuable tips, techniques and strategies on how to start your journey renovating for wealth! CLICK HERE to secure your copy!

Renovation Book


How to choose your internal trims for your next Reno

How to choose your internal trims INTRIM

There’s so much to think about when doing a renovation on your property everything from the size of the rooms the heights of the ceilings the colours of the walls the tiles you name it it can be overwhelming with the number of choices that are to be made and far too often people forget […]

Working Out Your Ideal Renovation Budget

working -put-your-reno-budget

Are you worried about creating a renovation budget that’s within your means? Or, are you unsure of how much you should be spending on your renovation? Fear not! It’s so crucial to work out the budget you’ll be using to fund your renovation. However, when doing so, there are four factors you need to consider. […]

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