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If you are interested in renovating for profit you MUST discover Naomi Findlay's

Rapid Renovation Formula
Learn about the RRF at the Ulitmate Property Conference
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Does this sound like you?

- You are new to renovation and want to be educated about how to successfully renovate before you start

- You are an experienced renovator and want to ensure that every property you renovate generate profit

- You want to learn from an experienced renovator in a no fuss, stress-free environment

- You have lost money from a renovation and want to have your renovating faith reaffirmed.

Learn from a renovating expert who has staged over 110 properties and has perfected a formula that will guarantee profit!

excel your renovation skills with the Rapid Renovation Formula


- To maximize your profit when renovating property so every property you renovate will become a success

- That in Australia, having a 'one size fits all' approach to renovating property for profit is not possible and will result in money loss

- How to have guaranteed success in making money from property regardless of what the real estate market looks like

- How to take action in your renovations and ensure that everyone involved in the renovation has a great experience

- How to minimize your risk when renovating by understanding what properties you should be renovating  and what ones you shouldn't be spending your money on

- How to identify problem areas in a property so you can renovate these areas to avoid the space becoming a problem area for potential buyers

- How to know what space needs to be renovated and what space can be left so you can get the most out of your renovation

Rapid Renovation Experience
You do not need to be an experienced renovator to renovate for profit.
Rapid Renovation Experience - Top 6 Colour Schemes

The 6 top money-making interior design colour schemes. This complete formula allows you to apply the formula to any property you may have and to ensure the highest price on sale day.

Space Medicine - Rapid Renovation Formula

Space Medicine Technology. Drawing on her specialized PhD medical science training, Naomi has truly turned making money renovating into a specific formula. This little-known concept is so powerful in arousing an almost insatiable subconscious desire and connection to a property.

Find the sweet spot in your renovation

Sweet Spot' Continuum. This template ensures that you will optimize the right amount of work to be completed on every renovation for maximum return.

Gone are the days of “buy and hold” strategies and “negative gearing”. To make money in property now it is all about quality work with quality design. With the right knowledge and techniques, you can generate profit regardless of what the real estate market looks like…

you won't find anything like Naomi's formula anywhere else!

Why should you listen to Naomi
Rapid Renovation Formula - Testimonials


“Mike and I are professional renovators. When we bought our first property we were expecting to make a profit of $30K-$45K. Since meeting Naomi and implementing the Rapid Renovation Formula we are now projecting to make a profit of between $85K and $90K. After completing Naomi’s course it has taken our renovations to the next level which is really exciting and really enjoyable.
Thanks Naomi.”

Rapid Renovation Formula - Testimonials


“Just recently I invested in Naomi Findlay’s renovation course and I came down from Brisbane to Sydney at the end of November and the amount of knowledge that Naomi has, especially with the designing. Once I finish the renovation I am in, I’ll be looking at about $45-$50K profit. So that’s not too bad for an investment of $5.5 grand”

Rapid Renovation Formula


“Just attending the rapid renovation workshop with Naomi it's absolutely amazing. All of the information you're going to need to succeed is right at your fingertips. She has just designed everything and downloaded years and knowledge and expertise, it's just completely in book form. There are resources everywhere for you. Naomi doesn't pull punches; she is completely honest. She is setting us up with all the information that we need to succeed.”

The only place Naomi will reveal
Rapid Learning Experience

Straight after you attend the Rapid Learning Experience you are fully equipped with all the knowledge, tools and techniques you need to be able to successfully renovate for wealth, every time!

The information provided at this event is not available anywhere else in the world. Years of research and trial and error has gone into the creation of this formula, so make your life easier and attend the 2-day renovation event instead of doing it all on your own!

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As part of the Rapid Renovation Experience, you will receive the full

RRF Core resource | Tools of the Trade | Rapid Renovation Software | Real Time Renovation Mate | Finishes Formula | Floor & Space Medicine Planner | Styling to Sell Systems | 6 months Support Calls | National Trade and Wholesale Discount Card | Rapid Learning Experience 2-Day Event | Staying Organised System | Rapid Leaning Experience Video Library

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- You will be able to renovate any property you want as the profit you generate from one property will cover the cost of the next property

- You can use the money you profit to buy nice things for your family or go on more holidays to create amazing family memories

- You can use the knowledge you have learned from seeing your renovated properties staged and sold in a short time frame to eventually start staging the properties you renovate yourself, saving you more money

- You can create a secure financial future for yourself and your family

- You can develop relationships with different trades and estate agents to ensure you are saving the most and making the most amount of money possible

Testimonials for the Rapid Renovation Formula
Follow the Rapid Renovation Formula for stunning renovation results and a profitable return on investment!
Stunning Kitchen Makeover
A successful and profitable kitchen makeover.
A successful, and profitable makeover.
Testimonials for the Rapid Renovation Formula
Rapid Renovation Formula


I recommend Naomi to all of my friends and colleagues when they are either looking to renovate or sell to maximise their return on investment. Naomi has a passion for design that is infectious and it made me feel excited about our renovation for sale as opposed to overwhelmed! Love your work Naomi!

RRF Testimonial - Nick Kendross


Thank you Naomi for providing such a reliable and professional service. You knew exactly what current market trends are. Your work delivered 100% results in the least amount of time.  The value of your advice to maximise profit on new or existing properties is incomparable.

Rapid Renovation Formula


I loved working with Naomi, her service is amazing, professional and inspiring. Her communication and organisational skills are second to none and big results to boot!

NONE of this will matter unless you secure your seat NOW!

Rapid Renovation Experience