Clay Beaded Garland Online Workshop

Take a break from your busy life and spend some time being creative and crafty with me!

My Clay Beaded Garland online workshop shows you step by step how to create this gorgeous decor piece in the comfort of your own home.

Watch as many times as you like!


Garlands are such a simple, stylish way to introduce the clay trend into your home, whether you choose to hang them, or simply display them in a bowl or tray or on top of a stack of books.


You’ll adore the understated, natural elegance and you’ll love learning how to make your own with me virtually by your side showing you step by step how to put it all together!


How to make Clay Beaded Garlands

How to create beaded garlands that work with different styles.

Simple styling tips to make your beaded garland a beautiful feature in any room.

How to translate what you have learnt to making timber garlands

AND so much more!

I seriously share EVERYTHING I KNOW about creating and styling with clay beaded garlands.

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Join me virtually and on demand!

- A step by step on-screen walk through on how to make beautiful Clay Beaded Garlands

- A handy shopping list with recommended suppliers so you can gather your materials quickly & easily

-  Expert guidance - DM me on Insta any time to ask questions about making your garland

- PLUS styling tips for every room of the house so you can showcase this beautiful piece in your home


Renovate is this for you

-  If you want something to do with your hands that’s not on a phone

-  If you have been wanting to explore your creativity

-  If you are looking to be more self sufficient

-  If you want to try something new


-  If you want to get back into craft after some time away

-  If you want to create one of the hottest decorating trends yourself

-   If you want guidance from a world renowned renovator and decorator


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You deserve some time for you to do something that makes you feel good.

You can do this online workshop by yourself, or get a few friends together for a relaxing and crafty afternoon with a step by step on how to create your own stylish garland along with styling tips for every room of the house!
You’ll love it, even if you’re not naturally crafty!

This workshop makes it easy for you to create a beautiful decorative accent piece that will add style, texture and shape to your space, and I’ll walk you through it personally so you finish up with a beaded garland you love.

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