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Check out the transformations of anything and everything, from lounges to lamps, pianos to barstool.

Detailed step by step videos to inspire and empower you as to what is possible. Enjoy!  

Weathered to Wonderful - Vintage Pieces

Cane Outdoor Setting

Vintage Buffet

Dresser Makeover

Piano Makeover

Vintage Lamp

Spraypaint Dining Set

DIY Lamp Makeover

DIY Cane Pendant

Colours details of some of my favourites
Lorn Rose Farm Furniture Colours 1
Lorn Rose Farm Furniture Colours 1

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Weathered to Wonderful - Furniture Makeover


Weathered to Wonderful - Upcycled Pieces

GOLD Filing Cabinet

DIY Pendant Light

Kitchen Stools

I am completeing new makeovers every week and uploading them for you to enjoy! 

To make sure you get to see all the new makeovers as they come out head over to my instagram @naomifindlayofficial and follow me there.

I will be sure to let you know as soon as more videos drop.