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The Homestead Renovation

The Lorn Rose Farm is nestled between the banks of the Hunter River and the local farmland of Lorn and I had the pleasure or extending and renovating the entire homestead.  One of my most fond projects to date. Over a 12 month period we peeled back every element of this structure to infuse the wonder of a gentle classic homestead aesthetic with layers and layers, of textures, patterns and of course in this case florals. Check out each rooms makeover below.

Take a tour of the homestead

Living Room

LRF Homestead Living

Dining & Kitchen

LRF Homestead Kitchen Dining

Master Bedroom

LRF Homestead Master

Bedroom Three

LRF Homestead Bed Three

Bedroom Four

LRF Homestead Bed Four

Main Bathroom

LRF Homestead Bathroom Main


LRF Homestead Laundry


Lorn Rose Farm Outside


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Take a tour of the rest of the property

The Lorn Rose Farm is an amazing property with opportunity everywhere!  Apart from the main homestead there are barns, cottages, studios, and a greenhouse for the roses.  The condition of the structures vary from liveable to derelict and overrun through years of neglect.

Simply CLICK on an image below to see where we are up to with each part of the project.


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