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Keep track of your renovation data, costs, timelines and photos. The project planner lets you manage it all from start to finish!

Search for products from Australia's leading suppliers or find your closest store directly from the app. Need tiles? Carpet? We've got you covered!

Manage your budget and find where you can save for each project. You'll never go over-budget again with this real time calculator!

Rapid Reno Mate App

Access exclusive supplier deals and offers on your favourite products. Become a member for free and get even more!

Never miss another appointment when you schedule your meetings using the app planner. Set alerts and flag important meetings with your tradies!

Keep up with the latest DIY reno advice in the free resources section. There's tips from the experts and style inspo for your moodboard!

It's the FREE app that's answering the prayers of renovators all over the country!

Australians love to renovate but there's no doubt it's not for the faint-hearted. The Rapid Reno Mate™ phone app is making it so much easier, tracking everything from your budget to your appointments with your tradies. You can upload your before and after photos to track your progress and shop for products online - it's a one-stop-renovating-shop in the palm of your hands!

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Rapid Reno Mate™ isn't just a virtual styling app; it can actually track your projects, budget, appointments, materials and products. You can keep a record of measurements, paint colours and before & after photos!

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Search online for products from Australia's leading suppliers or find your closest store directly from the app. You can even search for products like tiles and carpet - it's never been easier to start a home renovation!

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MEmber exclusives

Members of the app get access to exclusive offers on your favourite products from Australian suppliers. Get notified about special sales and deals before anyone else and stay in the loop with the newest arrivals!

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Take the stress out of renovating by scheduling all of your appointments in the app planner and finding inspiration from the free resources section. Here you'll find blogs, style advice, DIY tips and how-to videos!

The Rapid Reno Mate is the NEW renovators companion that leverages the full potential of mobile technologies

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Never miss another appointment

Have you ever missed an appointment with your tradies? Or maybe you've been stuck on your renovation site and ran late to your gym class. No matter what you've got on for the week, the Rapid Reno Mate™ planner allows you to schedule all your appointments to ensure your renovation (and personal life) runs as smooth as can be!

Maximise your time and money by planning who's on site and when, add an alert for important meetings and schedule time aside for the family and some yoga! The planner is sure to keep your project on track and on time.


Budgeting made simple

Let's face it, we're not all good at numbers and if you've ever renovated before, then you'll know how important accurate budgeting is. But sometimes it's not always simple to keep track of what you've spent and how much you've got left!

With the Rapid Reno Mate™ budget, you can set your budget for each project, upload your expenses, and it will automatically calculate how much you've got left! You'll never go over budget again - and you might even have some extra cash left over for the cushions or bedding you've been eyeing off.

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Project planning in the palm of your hand

When you're renovating, it's not uncommon to have multiple projects running at the same time. The Rapid Reno Mate™ project planner lets you plan as many projects as you need, including the budget, required materials and measurements for each space so you can plan and monitor what's happening in the bedroom or the bathroom or the backyard!

One of the biggest mistakes first time renovators make is looking at their renovation as one big project. Split your projects into rooms or categories with the project planner so you don't hit overwhelm. You'll be running the show on site in no time.


Exclusive member-only offers

Take full advantage of being a Rapid Reno Mate™ member with exclusive benefits and member-only offers. Members will receive access to special deals from our partners that are only available to them through the app. You'll also receive extra advice and inspiration from industry experts about renovating, styling, real estate and DIY jobs.

It's completely free to become a member. Simply download the app from the App or Play Store, register as a RRF member and we'll give you access to all of these goodies and more. You'll have all of the tools to fast track your reno project right in the palm of your hands!

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