six step selling system with naomi findlay
Renovation Course with Naomi Findlay


Six Steps to Selling System is the premium proven system to show you exactly what you need to do to successfully prepare your property for sale or valuation.

WE have the know how, tools and the tutorials to make it happen -- a lot quicker and easier than you ever imagined. And it super easy to get started NOW!!

When you enrol you will have immediate access to everything you need to get started and on the right track.  

We have made it easier than ever to get started!
Act now to enrol for as little as $297  $100!

And a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee!


The easy way to identify and stage the showcase areas of your home that practically guarantee your work is a hit with real estate agents, buyers and valuers

The proven way to use colours and light to maximise their effect in your home

How to identify if and where you need to spend money on showcasing and maintenance

Walk and talk audio content so that you’ll be able to inspect your property from start to finish as if I’m standing right beside you

How to de-personalise your home so that buyers and valuers don’t get distracted from what they are there to do.

Check lists to make sure the property is just right for open homes and inspections by valuers.

AND so much more!

I seriously share EVERYTHING I KNOW about selling your property for money!!

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When you enrol in Six Steps to Selling System WITH ME you will have EVERYTHING you need to increase the value and sell your property for more money!!

Valuable Learning Modules Renovate with Naomi Findlay
Proven Systems and tools Renovate with Naomi Findlay
six steps to selling

By following my Six Step Selling System, over 80% of potential buyers (with wildly different tastes) will see what they want to see in your property when looking at a property for sale or rent.

You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to all the materials.

PLUS so much more!


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Renovate is this for you

You'd like to learn how to blend the elements and aspects of maintenance, marketing and styling, to make more money from your property.

You want to make more money by staging your property for sale or valuation using my experience and guidance to make sure it's done the right way.

You want to have a formula that will work for you everytime you sell or value your property

You are looking to sell or have your property valued and you're looking to showcase your property's strongest points to make buyers see their dream house.

You want to save time (and money) by executing on a proven formula that works Avoid potentially-embarrassing and costly “rookie” mistakes. 

You love all things property and styling and want to leverage that.


We'll show you all this and more!

NORMALLY $297....


Six Step Selling System
Six Step Selling System
six steps to selling
Renovate with Naomi Findlay - Doorway
Renovate with Naomi Findlay - Styling
Renovate with Naomi Findlay - Overview Room
Renovate with Naomi Findlay - Lounge